Welcome Frogs in Christchurch ! C'est le plan B !

 C'est le plan B qui est adopté par l'équipe de la 8ème Compagnie : Nous sommes plutôt fiers d'aller  à Christchurch soutenir les victimes du tremblement de terre malgré l'annulation de tous les matchs qui devaient avoir lieu dans cette ville.

Je vous fais partager la réponse chaleureuse des propriétaires du camping à qui nous avons confirmé notre venue.

En bonus mon mail en anglais devrait régaler les plus fins connaisseurs de la langue de Shakespeare.


Booking No XXX
In 7 and depart 10 October 2011

Thank you so much for your email.  It is so nice of you to keep your booking with us and stay in Christchurch. 
Our Holiday Park was not damaged (except for a few TVs  and things falling on the ground and having no water and power for a few days).  Our part of Linwood Ave is really good whereas the city centre is not.
At present the traffic on the streets is a problem as there are so many roads closed.  This will all be fixed by September I am sure.  It gives Christchurch something to work towards even though the matches will not be held here.  It will be so very nice to have visitors back in the city.
There are plans of having extra large screens in different parts of the city for local people and visitors to watch the rugby together which sounds like a lot of fun.

Thank you again for your kind thoughts.

All Seasons Holiday Park

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 12:09 AM
Subject: Re : Re : booking confirmation reservation XXX


I send you this email to confirm our presence despite the cancellation of the quarter-final in Christchurch. My traveling companions and I have decided to maintain our stage in your city to show support for victims and to honor the victims. I hope you your family and property were not too touch.

  See you soon.

I hope my English is not too rough